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The School engages well-Qualified , experienced teaching faculty and devoted staff. In service training will be provided to the faculty members from time to time to update their teaching skills with latest techniques.

Name Qualification Designation
Smt Indu G V Principal B.Sc, M.A, M.Sc, B.Ed.,
SMt Jnaneshwari T V Vice Principal B.Sc,M.A, B.Ed,
Smt Anuradha P J TGT M.A, B.Ed
Smt Madhavi TGT M.A,B.Ed
SMt Chandana S B TGT M.A,B.Ed
SMt Usha Dongre TGT B.Sc, B.Ed.,
Smt Sujatha TGT B.Sc, B.Ed.,
Mr Harish H M TGT M.A,B.Ped
Smt Srividhya TGT M.Music, Vidhwat
Ms Nagarathna Jannu TGT fine arts
Smt Madhu B C TGT B.Com,M.Sc, B.Ed.
Smt Neelavathi D B TGT M.A, B.Ed PGDELT
Smt Sumitra TGT Hindi B.A,B.Ed
Mr Raghavendra TGT B.A,B.Ped
Ms Harshitha TGT M.Sc,B.Ed
Ms Nandhini TGT M.A,B.Ed
Ms Usha P PRT B.A, D.Ed.,
Ms Yasmeen Taj PRT M.A, D.Ed.,
Ms Vidhyashree PRT M.A, D.Ed.,
Ms Shaziya Tabassum PRT B.Sc, D.Ed
Mrs Keerthi PRT M.Com,PGDCA.,
Mrs Susan PRT DIP in CS
Mrs Shivamma TGT M.A,B.Ed
Mrs Gayathri TGT B.Sc, B.Ed
Ms Ranjitha PRT PUC, D.Ed
Mrs Anjala Reena TGT M.A, M.LISc
Mrs Nirmala Mary TGT M.A, B.Ed
Mrs Suvarna Prakash PRT B.Sc, D.Ed
Mrs.Bharthi TGT BA, B.Ed
Ms.Kavitha TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
Ms.Ramya TGT M.A,B.Ed
Mrs.Deepa G Rao TGT M.Sc, B.Ed
Ms.Nayana Achari PRT PUC, D.Ed
Mr.Pavitra G T TGT B.Sc,B.Ed
Mrs.Kishori Bai TGT M.A,B.Ed
Mrs.Priyanka TGT M.A,B.Ed
Mrs Soumya M T TGT B.Sc, B.Ed,
Mrs.Sudha Mani TGT M.A., B.Ed
Ms.Pooja T M TGT B.Sc, B.Ed
Mr.Rakesh T K TGT M.A, B.Ed
Ms.Asha U TGT B.Sc, B.Ed
Mrs.Prathiba PRT B.A., B.Ed